Professor P & Dj Akilles - The Realism Recap || @Professor__P @djakilles

Swedish based hip-hop duo Professor P & Dj Akilles serve up a 52 bar, 12 instrumental display to promote the re-issue of their debut album 'The Realism'
The video consists of a live set which features production and scratching from Dj Akilles and mic wizardry by Professor P.Professor P gets busy on the mic with new rhymes to promote the re-issue. 

:: About Professor P & Dj Akilles - The Realism :: 
Artist: Professor P & DJ Akilles 
Album: The Realism vinyl re-issue
Genre: Hip-hop 
Label: Pro&Ak HB 
Distribution: Ill Adrenaline Records
Original release date: March 21st, 2012.
Vinyl re-issue release date: April 14th, 2014.

On March 21, 2012, Swedish hip-hop duo Professor P & DJ Akilles released their debut album 'The Realism' on CD and through digital services. Two years have passed and now the record is available on vinyl! 

'The Realism' is produced by Professor P & DJ Akilles, with features from Promoe (LoopTroop Rockers), Adam Tensta, Rigael Damar, Daniel Adams-Ray and Sadat X (Brand Nubian). A list of guests that give us an insight of the duo's status in Swedish hip-hop. 

With 'The Realism', the duo was nominated as "Best hip-hop" at Manifestgalan (an award show that celebrates independent music in Sweden) and "Best group" at the Kingsize Awards (Sweden's biggest hip-hop award show) 2012. 'The Realism' has, since its release, grown to be somewhat of a classic when it comes to European hip-hop in English.

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