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The official birthday tape featuring all new music exclusively from Mantiz.
©2014 R Dot Entertainment
Executive Producers: Jay "Mantiz" McCorkle & McKenzie "MillyMac" Williams
Co-Executive Producers: Adam "Willy B." Belton, Cory "King Cru" Dunlap, & Alyas "89 Seoul" Gary
Jay “Mantiz” McCorkle is an Elgin, SC born, current Atlanta, GA resident whose music talents are the epitome of the word versatile. As a producer, certified audio engineer, singer, and rapper, his mastered artistries stretch beyond the average music and entertainment professional in the Hip-Hop genre.
Jay’s current musical crafts stem from him being an accomplished trombonist, pianist, drummer, and trumpeter. Mixing his raw, God-given talents with the influences of today’s music environment, Jay was able to formulate an artist and music executive who is now known as and will be for years to come as Mantiz.
As with other authentically talented music professionals, Mantiz began sharpening his talents at an early age. He started playing the drums at age five, the piano at age nine, and found his love for creating music (becoming a producer) at age 14. He grew up around other family members who were musicians and was quite accustomed and acclimated to being in a studio. In 2006, Mantiz attended Midlands Audio Institute and gained his certification in Audio Engineering, thus propelling his career further to work with some of the best names in the industry.
Mantiz’s upbringing was in the church; the son of a Christian man, Pastor Aaron B. McCorkle Jr. Therefore, it is wise and correctly stated to say that Christ plays in intense role in Mantiz’s life, morals and values. Though young in age, Mantiz is wise in soul. His charming and determined demeanor can fit in with any crowd - young, older, hood, or suburban.
Marcus Garvey and Tupac Shakur are two more inspiring role models for Mantiz for their roles in advancement of colored people and using their voices to spread their positive messages. Though Marcus and Tupac took different avenues to spread their messages, people listened, took heed, and followed – the same as Mantiz’s messages should impact those who hear.
Mantiz’s current project, The Preface II: Autocracy, was released November 6, 2012 and is causing a nice stir in the underground circa. “Count it Up” and “Good Vs Bad” are the two leading singles from The Preface II: Autocracy. Mantiz laces each rhythmic track with his smooth spoken lyrics; no filters, just Mantiz, raw and at his finest.
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