"It Won't Be Long" by Scribe Tribe - Official Music Video

"It Won't Be Long" is taken from Scribe Tribe's G-Strings & Sock's" and features Teej Adams, Kendal, and Abi D

"G-Strings & Socks" is out now on Bandcamphttp://zramrecords.bandcamp.com/album...


Scribe Tribe are a 4 man Hip Hop outfit from Brighton, UK, consisting of Marz, Abi D, Kendal, and Teej Adams. They have been pushing themselves hard over the past 2 years and are currently working on some new projects and material. They played alongside some big names last year including Wrecth32, Speech Debelle, Asian Dub Foundation, FlipTrix, Dirty Dyke, Jam Baxter, Phi Life Cypher, Afu Ra and many more ....


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