Teck-Zilla & Allen Poe - "Incandescent" Featuring Hannibal King @TeckZilla108 & @AllenPoe_ & @HanniFresh

Incandescent” is a tough, cinematic new track from the duo of Teck-Zilla and Allen Poe, who provide a slapping instrumental and raw rhymes, respectively. 
It’s also the lead single off their anticipated upcoming joint EP, Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking.

Poe kicks off the track shooting down armchair quarterbacks and anyone disrespecting the hustle as Zilla loops a filthy sample. It’s a strong shot of Boom bap hunger, and it gives way to a nasty, brassy beat-switch from the Montreal-based producer and the track’s guest, Queens artist (and previous Poe collaborator), Hannibal King. His verse supplies some extra grit to “Incandescent,” which dashes through your eardrums and begs for repeated listens.

Poe and Zilla connected following the release of the emcees acclaimed How Gardens Grow project and even worked together for a brief period on UK rap blog, The Word Is Bond. But it wasn’t until the producer took a trip to his native Nigeria that the blueprint for Lightbulb came together. It was there that Zilla found inspiration in his surroundings in addition to Poe’s work, Elzhi’s "Glow," and episode of Breaking Bad, among other sources. And soon enough, he brought the soundscapes to his collaborator and like that, Lightbulb was born.

“Incandescent” is now available for stream, while Lightbulb Over My Head While I’m Thinking is due out Tuesday, August 9th through Str8 Buttah Productions, exclusively via Bandcamp.


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