Money Well Spent Inc @tyresetrevor

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In just a year of running our own independent label, we've achieved a number of things. Getting our lead artist (Tyrese Trevor) a role in Meek Mills Heaven or Hell Video ( Selling out our own Concert with 230 tickets , not at a club where people would already be there  but our own venue and all our own production. We sold out a venue where people would only be coming to see our artist perform ( We've put out a classic mix-tape that hasn't been on a big enough platform to get the exposure that truly deserves ( To go along with these things in just a year we have racked up over 35,000 plays on sound cloud and over 40,000 views on YouTube (although that's close to nothing in our eyes). Our clothing sells out every time we get a chance to focus on it (everything limited edition). To put it simply, we feel like we are a diamond in the rough.




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