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Julian Pacheco (born 1995) known by his stage name Joule$ is an American artist that specializes in vocal abstract expressions and sound projecting. Joule$ is 19 years young born in San Salvador, El Salvador but raised in the streets of Dallas/Fort worth; Arlington, Texas to be exact. Joule$ witnessed his father’s love for music early and was inspired during his junior year of High School when he fell in love with mixing and mastering of songs before he himself became a source of the songs. It was all premeditated as he explains "I learned the aspect of the art before I claimed it as my life"


As an artist Joule$ values himself more then words he speaks. His self-perception is equivalent to a martyr (n.) - someone willing to die for his or her beliefs. 

"I see these kids on the regular influenced by the wrong people making them believe things that are highly impossible and not true." - Joule$ (Julian Pacheco) 

Although Joule$ may speak over unorthodox topics that may be targeted as lies or unproven; such as: out of body experiences, channeling the inner self (consciousness), keeping the VENTs to the core of your body pure (chakras), and the theory that one holds a god within themselves. 
Joule$ is an enlightened human being as a whole or “light body” as he describes himself.

Inspiration and influence comes from a wide spectrum of Artist such as, MF Doom, Killah Priest, Death in Vegas, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, Tame Impala, UGK, Derek Wise, Kendrick Lamar, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Clockwork Indigo, Isaiah Rashad, Mick Jenkins & the whole family that makes up “METAPHYSICS” currently trending as #mtphscs. You can only imagine just by the artist that penetrates influence and inspiration into the mind body and soul, how out of the ordinary Joule$ writing process is and how wide spread Joule$ love for the craft is. 

"I am a very passive, musically passionate person, a true humanitarian only meaning to do good on this earth while I’m here." - JOULE$

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