#JonathanCloud releases his new #90's R&B-influenced record, #DontFront @CloudKills

 Don't Front is a new loose single that will be on Jonathan's upcoming
free mixtape, I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream. The production is meant to capture the essence
of old 90's R&B, blended with contemporary hip-hop. The hook is also a homage to the classic Black Moon single, 
I Got Cha Opin. Jonathan's new project will be out spring 2016, followed by
his album, Griever.

Jonathan Cloud is a 22 year old emcee/producer from Boston, MA.
He's produced for the likes of artists such as Azizi Gibson, Raven Sorvino,
Ab-Soul, Ciscero & more.
His production & artist work has also made it's way to publications such as
Complex, 2dopeboyz,
OnSmash, Potholes In My Blog, Kevin Nottingham & more.
Jonathan also is a member of a collective titled First Life, which is
geared towards
pushing envelopes musically & artistically. He has 2 heavily self-produced
solo projects
and is preparing his third full length to drop in 2016.

Contact Information
Twitter: @CloudKills


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