Spyder D and Mr. P Chill Launch Break The Chains Remix Contest @spyderd @MrPChill916

Spyder D and Mr. P Chill Launch Break The Chains Remix Contest
Black. White. Together. United. We are one nation. One Earth. Live. Love. Dance.

Sacramento, CA/Atlanta, GA - NYC Hip Hop pioneer Spyder D and Sacramento veteran Mr. P Chill have teamed up to launch the Black & White: Break the Chains Remix Contest.

With racial tensions escalating in a supposedly “post-racial” society, Spyder D and P Chill are joining forces as human beings to promote peace, love, unity, and good music starting with their Break The Chains Remix Contest.
For Spyder and Chill this is about more than racial inequality, the two aim to shed light on all aspects of society where we need to “Break the Chains” including treatment of women in the workplace, underfunded public school systems, and all areas of life where improvements should and can be made.

To enter the contest:

1. Download the "Break the Chains" Acapella from MPC Recording Company's Soundcloud.
2. Create your remix and save it as an MP3 file. The Acapella was recorded at 93 BPM.
3. Submit your finished remix to breakthechainsremix@gmail.com

After teaming up on P Chill’s new album for the single and video “No Regrets”, Spyder and Chill decided they could do a lot more than release a song. Following up on Spyder’s last project I Hate Being Black, Spyder decided P Chill was best suited for helping him promote his forthcoming Break The Chains release, resulting in the upcoming Break The Chains Remix Contest.

Spyder D, one of the first Hip Hop artists to independently release a record, is most known for his post-disco era single “Big Apple Rappin’” released in 1980 on his own Newtroit Records. In 1985 Profile released his single “Buckwheat’s Rap” and the better known classic “Smerphie’s Dance”. Spyder is also known for his career as an entrepreneur and producer having worked in studios with major artists in both NYC and Atlanta. He now resides in the Atlanta area.

Mr. P Chill has been independently releasing his Sactown flavor of Hip Hop since the early ‘90s with his group 2Dope; which was first distributed by Black Market Records. P Chill has continued releasing records consistently including projects and tours with his organic Hip Hop band Trunk of Funk. Maintaining a rigorous touring schedule over the years has allowed P Chill to develop a strong fan base across the US and, with technology, is now expanding his Golden Era flavor beyond the States’ borders.

Spyder D and P Chill will make an official announcement soon. Producers and remixers will be able to download the tracks for the Remix Contest from MPC Recording Company’s Soundcloud (P Chill’s label). 

Prizes include a distribution deal through Spyder D’s Newtroit Records.

Download the Acapella from MPC Recording Company on Soundcloud and start your remix today.


Spyder D: http://theoriginalspyderd.com/
Mr. P Chill: http://www.mrpchillmusic.com
Newtroit Records: http://www.newtroitrecords.com/
MPC Recording Company: http://mpcrecordingcompany.com
No Regrets (YouTube): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehqrqNT2cC0
Break the Chains Remix Acapella: https://soundcloud.com/mpc-recording-company/spyder-d-break-the-chains-ft-mr-p-chill-remix-acapella
Submit your mixes to breakthechainsremix@gmail.com


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