/reməˈnisənt/ adj.
awakening memories of something similar

A collection of common thoughts, distinct ideas, lyrical wordplay and passionate expression, indie emcee MORGAN is back with another set of tracks that are sure to please your palate's preference. Here's her newest project, 'Reminiscent.' 

Taking us down memory lane with melodic tracks and syncopated rhythms used more often in the earlier days of Hip Hop, the project begs listeners to stray away from the overabundance of fluff in today's music, and rock out to something real and true. A prime segway into the blistering days of summer, MORGAN's 'Reminiscent' is smooth, harmonic, and undeniable, and is packed with the lyrical punch that her fans have been familiar with and audiences have applauded since day one. Adding another notch to her musical belt, MORGAN is blazing a path soon to be recognized by more than just her supporters, but by the world.

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"...the official representation of authentic Hip Hop for a new era." 
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