Inspired by what's been dubbed the most stylish subculture of 21st century Britain, the video for Cyril Hahn and Javeon's "Breaking" captures rudie style on the streets of London. Featuring fashion from international online retailer SSENSE, the video premieres now


Hahn teams up with Bristol-based singer/songwriter Javeon on "Breaking," a track that first surfaced online earlier this summer. "Javeon sent me over some amazing stripped down vocals. It was just his voice and some guitar and had a much more melancholic vibe to it," says Hahn, "He asked me if I wanted to have a go at it to turn it into a full song so I gave it a try." Slow-grooving but dancefloor-ready, "Breaking" is the perfect balance of Hahn's production and Javeon's vocals, a track so well-loved by the former that he decided to include it on Voices, set for official release in the coming months.

"More than a direct connection between song and video, we wanted to show contrast between style and surroundings," Javeon explains of the video for "Breaking," which was shot on location in various parts of London. 

Directed by Joe Alexander and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois, the video's aesthetic is inspired by the Rudeboy movement, a subculture that dates back to the early 70s. Embodied by dapper, well-dressed gentlemen, (think Jimmy Cliff, Mos Def or LaTouche) the movement is defined by sharp style: pin-tucked trousers, trilby hats, thin ties, bold color palettes, and smart shoes. 

 The video debuts in line with Somerset House's The Return of the Rudeboy, a photo exhibition created and curated by photographer Dean Chalkley and creative director Harris Elliott that explores the rudie subculture in the UK. On July 28th 2014, an interview with these influential figures and an in-depth look at the exhibition will premiere on, accompanied by an exclusive Q&A with artist Cyril Hahn onJuly 30th.


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