Chris x Slikk - Flawless @Slikk_Darko @ChrisScottDE

Inline image 1On Wednesday, July 16th, St. Louis artists Chris Scott (@ChrisScottDE) and (@Slikk_Darko) drop the first single from their upcoming mixtape “40s x Blacks” entitled “Flawless”. The artists are the front men of the St. Louis music and production team that goes by the name of “Digital Era” and also produced the track.

In the words of Chris and Slikk the goal of the track and upcoming project as a whole is to allow the listener to enter the world of the artists which consists of a lot of 40 oz drinking, black smoking, and other intoxicants. “It’s just a chill vibe,” says Chris, “we’re ordinary guys doing ordinary stuff and we want our audience to feel as if they are in the basement with us as we cook up what we got,” Slikk chimes in.


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