Yaheard Records presents... "Genki" a new Ep from Marchitect (from the popular Hip-Hop group The 49ers)

Yaheard Records presents Genki, a new solo Ep by Marchitect (from the popular rap group The 49ers). Genki was recorded while on tour in Tokyo where the 49ers have released 6 successful albums (including a #1 on I tunes titled "Imagine" with the producer Re:Plus.)
When asked about the unusual title for the Ep Marchitect replied "In Japanese genki means supreme, healthy, and good. If you woke up made a fresh beat, ate a fresh meal, then jogged around the block three times, yeah you were feeling genki... I boxed 4 rounds in the gym, and then took the album cover photo."
Produced by Marchitect and Japanese producer Shrimp, Genki features sharp rhymes, smooth music, and hard hitting drum tracks. It was crafted with the world wide Hip-Hop market in mind, and adds to The 49ers extensive catalog.
Marchitect's career started in the early 90's as a child rapper with the release of the now collectors item vinyl "Dead In Your Tracks". Aside from a world tour with The 49ers, Marchitect recently directed Keep It Kool... The Kool Keith Story a documentary on the illusive Hip Hop Pioneer
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