@magnizmusic releases 13-track producer album ‘Music

The Berlin-based producer Magniz released his debut album "Music" with 13 tracks and features from Destination Mars, La'Nique, Drop Dead Frank, A.D.Omni and J-Killa.

Stylistically, "Music" effortlessly blends classic Rap, Dubstep and Electro and also contains 3 instrumental songs.

Magniz has been producing for more than 20 years of music under various project names like Starshade, Electrack and EGOSCAN. In 2009 he meets Berlin-based rapper Fletch Fox and they found the Bass AG. Shortly thereafter, the 8-track EP "Mach Laut" was released, followed by the current (2014) single " LWB ", for which a music video was produced as well. With "Music" Magniz officially launches releases under his own name. 2 more albums with Rap instrumentals and the second EGOSCAN album are already in the pipeline for 2014.

The album "Music" is a free download on the official website :

The official album link URL is: http://magniz.com/releases/magniz-music/

Official Website : http://magniz.com

Music videos (both also shot and edited by Magniz) :

Fletcher - Bleib Stehn feat. Slawa : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Fpotn_aw58


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