Killas In My Squad (Nene Fresco) @NeneFresco

STRAIGHT OUTTA HARLEM! Check out the illest indie video of the year!! --
 Nene Fresco - Killas In My Squad off "The Spaniard" mixtape.

Nene Fresco a.k.a. Torero a.k.a. The King Of Spanish Trap a.k.a. The Spaniard a.k.a. Maximus. He is a Boss, a Jefe! ThisBarcelona-bred and Harlem-based rapper brings lyricism and flow back to the game. You haven’t heard anything quite like this before! Don't be alarmed if you catch yourself making the "Cosby Face" while listening to his tunes, it happens to the best of us, he's just that NASTY!  


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