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Kind of late on the release of the new The Slip Cypher this week but you know it's coming  This one is a big one seems like they got there whole team on the track.  Leave some comments let me know who you like and who you don't like.
Who should I interview further
And don't forget where you get the best indie Music
Day killed it 
Lexxie Killed it
 Appollo killed it I want to hear more from him
Was missing some Swateezy  though
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Go Wit It Mondays: Killing Your Favorite Artist (Cypher #53)

Eleven artists step up to the mic and do irreparable damage. It's hard to believe that all of these artists are under one umbrella. It's just too much for words. Shout out to Gizzle Badazz, Lil Won, D.A.Y, Lexxie, Taylor D, Nucky Breaux Jr, KJ, Apollo, Gent Eastwood, Ms Diamond Diva, and Supreme.


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