Chuck Woods x Mer (Wolfpack) - Light 'Em Up (Produced by Rayne Drop)

The three man team collectively known as Wolfpack, bring us their latest release, "Light Em Up".  Over top a heavily sampled and manipulated Fall Out Boy (My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark) sample Chuck takes us through a recap of the groups past two releases embracing the "F*ck it…We're Young" mentality you may have seen in the "My Team" video.  "We're on a highway to hell", "we're making the most of every minute"  Chuck characterizes his way through a verse filled with multiple flow, stop and go rhythm and his irish character we've all grown to love.   Borrowing some of that character, Mer never ceases to one up the verse you may have last heard him on.  Add in his signature multi syllabic lyricism and modest yet cheeky bragging and you have what Wolfpack has represented since we first heard them, good times and killin' it on some "Wolf rap shit" as stated from Mer.  Complimented by Rayne Drop's ability to turn any sample into a trunk rattling anthem he channels the thunder gods to assist him in this nasty bass heavy (understatement!) soundtrack.  One listen and listeners realize why has quickly gained recognition as one of the fastest rising groups to come out of Canada in recent history.  Set aside the Swollen Members and Rascalz comparisons, Wolfpack is truly a pack of their own.

Light 'Em Up by Chuck Woods & Mer
Mixed by Chuck Woods
Mastered by Rayne Drop
Butchershop Ent.


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