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Dojo's Done With School
"Last Semester" by Seven Dojo 
Jackson, MS: April 15, 2013  - Five days before His April 20th (4/20) birthday, Dojo Seven is already celebrating. The semester is winding down and Dojo lets off a well bid fair to Davidson College. Like Davidson alumnus, Stephen Curry, Dojo's going pro -. By Any Means Necessary On "Last Semester" Dojo lets loose and HAS a little fun while bragging on His progress and reflecting on His collegiate past. Stephen K. Michelle, Deltas, Charlotte, NC colleges, and safe sex are all fair game once he gets going.  

"I love them girls from Memphis, so if we ever meet I in Tennessee (INTEND to see) yo titties"

"Fell in love with a Delta, Then hit her ass with the wood. She Said, 'Seven and I Pledged They never hit this Good.' "
For three minutes, Dojo Seven bends words in ways That May be Overlooked by Those unaccustomed to lyricism. It all reserves the purpose of Delivering one post to fans. "I've grown up to that I'm done with school. Whether I graduate or not, this is my last semester." 

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About Seven Dojo:

Dojo hails from the Northside of Jackson, MS. At 19 His single parents mother Effective Passed a two year battle with breast cancer. Life Struggles and deep southern roots Imbued his music with heavy happy and southern style. Dojo Smart's, charismatic, rebellious, and ratchet. His music Reflects the dichotomy of formal educational training and urban southern sensibilities. CONCURRENTLY It's young in spirit and old in wisdom. 

For more information please contact Joshua at Arthur   thesevenshow@gmail.com  or 678-761-2899 . To listen to more music from Seven Dojo, check out His Soundcloud. Visit soundcloud.com / thesevenshow  

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