@JibriHashim Vices Rmx @ComPL3xX @KlausGohan @JStyles310 @erionmathew @kurai_music Prod By @OSYM

I'm a 20 year old rapper/singer/songwriter/engineer from Hawthorne, CA, yesterday I released a remix to another recent song of mine called "Vices" (this is the link to the original: https://soundcloud.com/hashimmusic/vices) This time around I gathered a few friends to talk about a few of their vices, their names being ComPL3xX, Melvin Burch, J.Styles, Erion & Kurai, and the result was this song. ComPL3xX kicks it off with a really dope verse about his times in Chattanooga, and then Melvin follows up with his exploits from the confines of his own room, J.Styles comes with tales of fast times in LA/Northridge, while Erion and I hailing from the same general area follow suit with added adventures in the jungle that is Los Angeles.


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