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Yes The Slip is doing it big for the new year and in the cold. Instead of the usualy 3-5 verses, we are giving you 8 exclusive top-notch freestyle verses. The Slip will not be denied. This one featured Gent Eastwood, Passive, D.A.Y, KJ, Lique, Swateezy, Lexxie, and JClay. 
Gent Eastwood (@genteastwood), Passive (@Lenzie9), D.A.Y (@DavionJamal_?), KJ (@KJADAMZBOYZ), Lique (@lique2unique), Swateezy (@Swateezy), Lexxie (@KLovemelexxie), JClay (@JClay_1st), The Slip Records (@TheSlipRecords),
Download our mixtape for free http://slip.bz/ss3 #TheSlip


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