H-Ryda - Picture Me Rolling

Las Vegas artist H-Ryda is back with dope new visuals over 2Pac's classic Picture Me Rolling. Almost 20 years from the original release, H-Ryda gives the people an update on life in 2017, showing you how much things have changed, yet remaining the same from Pac's original message. An original member of The Outlawz, H-Ryda definitely has the credentials and green light to touch up the classic from his lost comrade, all while recognizing the life of Jacka, V12, Yaki Kadafi, Hussein Fatal and more. Watch H-Ryda's Picture Me Rolling and also last week's official video for Respect The Game in case you missed it.

H-Ryda - Picture Me Rollin

H-Ryda - Respect The Game


H Ryda - Money Machine ft E-40


As a child growing up in Los Angeles, H-RYDA was fortunate enough to be around rap legend Tupac Shakur and original Thug Life member Big Syke. On the one year anniversary of Tupac Shakur's death, his big brother passed away. It was real hard for him to overcome such great losses and as a result, he decided to move to Las Vegas, where he continued to work on his music and his grind. H-RYDA would eventually hook up with 2pac's group, the Outlawz and guest appeared on the Outlaw's LP, Ride With Us Or Collide Wit Us. H-Ryda would than later link up with legendary Bay Area label THIZZ NATION and realease HRN1:The Virus- Half Dead Half Livin' with bangers like "Ohhh! Behave" feat.Yukmouth and many more. Having some critical acclaim amongst his peers,H-RYDA's hustle and drive lead him to ink a distribution deal with the powerhouse Bay Area digital label EMPIRE where he realeased his sophomore album H-RYDA vs THE PLANET. Having collaborations with the Bay Area tycoon E-40 in the hit single "MONEY MACHINE" H-RYDA's momentum had him working with legends like Scarface, Jacka, Kokane, Blu DaVinci, Mr.Fab, and others. 

Clearly H-RYDA is carrying the torch for this THUG LIFE and is currently in the process of finishing his third LP titled "HR" which is scheduled to be released later this year. H-Ryda has worked hard to put the finishing touches on this upcoming project adding OG's 2 Short and E-40 on his new upcoming single "THE PLUG" being released spring of 2017 and collaborating with Freeway,Lil James, Outlaws, and producers J Classic, M16 and The World Famous D-Boy. You can also catch him doing a cameo in the independent DVD comedy film "WHAT ARE THE CHANCES" which gives people a chance to see a different side of H-Ryda


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