Duney Kush Invites Listeners to a “Party in the Hills" @DuneyKUSH

Duney Kush Invites Listeners to a “Party in the Hills"

The Dallas MC Drops His Southern Flavor on a West Coast Party Record
It takes talent to give off a hip hop style that embodies two cities — even harder to keep up the work ethic to represent those two cultures. But this is something Duney Kush has achieved and strives to prove every day. The Dallas MC has taken virtually no breaks since relocating to Los Angeles - with an EP just released at the top of October and a new visual following, Duney Kush is back to keep the party going with his brand new single “Party in the Hills” featuring fellow MC J.Burlingame.

“Party in the Hills” is a new single that emulates Duney’s own journey — a southern style that can’t be duplicated paired with the west coast vibes that we all keep on our playlist for a special-ocassion turn up. His drive and passion for delivering music consistently is just one of the deciding factors that pushes Duney to the top of our list when it comes to independent rappers. Duney's Dallas-rooted flow over the west-coast classic beat, paired J. Burlingame’s presence makes for one fire ass record.
Duney Kush on the single: “Producers Nard and B created a west coast banger - I just added my down south flavor to it."

Growing up in Baton Rouge during the golden era of hip hop and with a record label-owning father, Duney Kush was immersed in a whirlwind of hip hop culture that was not only of quantity, but immense quality. A complex relationship with his father and more of life’s obstacles have set up Duney Kush to reach the top of the emerging rap scene with his KUSH Team by his side. Then living and Dallas and now Los Angeles, Duney emulates a hip-hop spirit that encompasses some of the game’s most respected cities. Listen to “Party in the Hills” to find out for yourself why Duney Kush is one of the most versatile and free-spirited MCs in the game.



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