Lee Durham - Chemistry (Prod. Mantra) @Anansi_TK

South Carolina artist Lee Durham has been active since releasing his "Neapolitan EP" a little over a month ago; being featured on both "Paradoxxx" and "Fantasy Island" along with fellow SC singer Anansi Rex, as well as dropping a few loose tracks here and there, all moves accompanied by a mysterious "Vantage Points" hashtag. While not entirely sure what the tags were eluding to, we could assume that it was the name of the next project we would receive from the Soda City emcee. Though there has not been a definite date given for when we could expect VP, Lee has recently released the first single from the project entitled "Chemistry" via his personal soundcloud page. The track runs for about 3 minutes as Lee manages to find his stride early over the melodic EDM-like production Mantra lays out. His smooth vocals and seemingly effortless cadence provides the perfect chemistry for almost any setting. Though still no word on the date Vantage Points will drop, Lee stays very active on his twitter with ambiguous updates like "I'll either push it back or make it an EP...prolly the push." Whatever the case, Lee has managed to operate within his system all while presenting a small yet diverse catalog of music thus far. Check out his newest addiction "Chemistry".

 Lee Durham is a hip-hop artist from the capital city of South Carolina. Lee has been said to be a breath of fresh air to his generation and unlike any other to grace a Southern speaker. Backed by music and a flow that hints at many influences from Goodie Mob to Sam Cooke, Lee manages to maintain his identity and allow his charisma to shine through.


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