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Scarborough’s Prince JiMMY B, officially released his new project titled ‘Return of The JiGGY’. The 6 song EP is produced entirely by OGG producer Money Montage. JiMMY will be joining ‘The Smoker’s Club’ Tour on select July dates in support of the release. Following a strong 2015 campaign that included stand out singles ’SCARBOROUGH’ and ‘Olde English’, JiMMY is looking to re-stake his rank amongst hip-hops emerging class. Below you will find both a stream to the project, as well as the a link to the official video for lead single ‘In The Ends’, directed by frequent collaborator Rajeevan Nithiyanathan. ‘Return of The JiGGY’ marks the first full release from JiMMY since June 2015’s ‘Prince of The ‘Borough'. JiMMY and I would truly appreciate any and all support of the campaign, thank you in advance for your time. 

“Following Prince of The ‘Borough, I decided to take a hiatus and focus on honing my craft in order to mature as an artist. I felt I had to evolve my sound, solidify my lane, and get back to the roots of why I started rapping in the first place. The P.O.T.B campaign ended on a high note, 2015 was the biggest year of my career. Both SCARBOROUGH & Olde English visuals really set the tone, strengthened my brand, and allowed me to educate the masses on the ‘JiGGY’ wave. 2016 is a very important year. The hiatus is over. Titled ‘Return Of The JiGGY’, the project simply refers to my return. R.O.T.J is entirely produced by OGG’s Money Montage who sonically crafted a canvas for me to paint over. I am the epitome of JiGGY, it’s all about being confident, having swagger and getting it by any means necessary. It’s a mindset. It’s a way of living. This is my story. Batter up. It’s the Return of The JiGGY.” – JiMMY B 



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