Doe Wright & Steve Pifko - Thousand Times @doewrightmusic

Thousand Times touches the issue of being someones option vs their priority. Doe Wright’s pain comes through like ton of bricks as he comes to grips with the state of affairs with his ex-lover. The song is accompanied by Steve Pifko's amazing guitar, with his delightfully catchy rhythms and bold compositions. Steve Pifko drives the track with his acoustic instrumentation, Doe Wright delivers honest and meaningful lyrics with his signature raspy laid back style. The chorus is drenched in despair as he laments “And I know you never wanna see my face again, but nobody’s perfect, I’m not the only, I’m just the one that you call when you’re lonely”.

Doe Wright and Steve Pifko have both collaborated with various local and national acts. Doe Wright has released several projects under the alias of John Doe, including the debut mixtape [Identity] with collaborations with Quinn XCII, and runs FlightHouse Records from his studio in Detroit, Michigan. Doe’s smooth cadence and vocal delivery have met their melodic match with the progressive acoustic guitar licks from Steve Pifko.

Pifko first gripped a guitar in his hands at the age of 4. Since then he never stopped pushing himself musically. A modern day Jukebox Hero who can play, produce and create virtually any genre of music on a myriad of instruments, Steve Pifko has produced and engineered many songs. He is the go to person to translate ideas into quality music production.

This collaboration is cause for celebration. Two artists who are capable of producing listen worthy tracks on their own, have teamed up to create music that sticks in our minds and speaks to our hearts. The simplicity and meaning of the lyrics along with the complexity of the guitar work makes this one to replay and pass along to friends bragging you heard this hit first. 

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