Van Leeuwen ft Jimmy Wit An H - Let Me Drive (Prod by 410 x Throwed) @okvanleeuwen @JimmyWitAnH @yaboi410 @throwedondabeat

Let me drive is a fun, energetic and catchy anthem with a new school trap style instrumental with classic hip-hop bars to match. Back seat driving is used as a metaphor in this song for telling people who try to tell you how to live your life to "just let me drive."

Aritst Bio: 
Born in Gwinnett County, GA but after dealing with his parents divorce at age 6, moved to Mercer County, PA where he began his musical journey.

Van Leeuwen is a Certified Audio Engineer, Artist, Songwriter and Producer bringing his own sound and story to life through music.

Since then, Van Leeuwen has worked with major artists such as; Taylor Gang, Mac Miller, Ying Yang Twins and more. He graduated from SAE Institute with a degree in Audio Technologoy, 2 recomendation letters from industry engineers and worked at the top studios in Atlanta.

Van Leeuwen
Artist | Certified Engineer | Producer

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