Deck Geeks x Playshis - Legacy @deckgeeks @playshis

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Deck Geeks are an artist collective from Namibia, consisting of 3 members, Beat Slanger, Loudima.Dreamer & SebbyNgeteya.
We are Sound Engineers, Music Producers & DJs, that aim to push boundaries in the Namibian entertainment industry, to change the narrative of music within Namibia and broader territories, and create alternative sounds, and scenes for people to enjoy and indulge in all kinds of music, with primary focus on hip hop and electronic music. We have worked with various artists in Namibia, as well as provided technical and music for adverts, tv, radio & stage productions.

We teamed up with one of Namibia's most prominent Spoken-Word poet,  Playshis The Poet, and put together the EP titled "Legacy".
The aim of the EP is to showcase Deck Geeks abilities behind the boards, and also show a different layer to Playshis The Poet, that is never seen on stage when he does poetry.
The EP consists of 6 tracks, which are all produced, mixed & mastered by Deck Geeks.
It features one of the countries most aspiring and hottest female rapper currently Lioness.

 Also featured is Harry aka Metamorph, one of the guys that have helped build the conscious hip-hop scene in the country during it's infancy, and another feature is producer/rapper Johny Be Good.

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