@TayyibAli - "Keystone State of Mind 4"

Tayyib Ali presents the 4th installment of "Keystone State Of Mind".

 Tayyib Ali is a 23 year old artist from Philadelphia, P.A. Music was instilled in him from a very young age. Ali began to hone his rap skills at the tender age of 10. He spent the majority of his teenage years perfecting his trade. For Ali a hobby quickly turned into a burning passion. He had the talent and drive to succeed.

From Philly to Overseas, Tayyib Ali’s fan base is rapidly growing, as is his already extensive music archive. He is the kind of artist whose music mastery is undeniable, a unique style impossible not to notice. 

Nylon Magazine says of Ali, ‘Maybe it’s the catchy ’60s lounge sample, maybe it’s Ali’s smooth, friendly flow and honest message, but (we) can’t stop listening to the title track. “Rap is my life,” he says at the end of the track. “This is what I’m passionate as hell about.” You can tell.’

In July/August 2012, Tayyib Ali completed his first national co-headlining tour, the Visionary Music Group Tour, along with Logic. Selling out 20 of 25 shows.
Ali released his third mixtape “Keystone State of Mind 2” & kicked off a 25 city cross-country tour with Cisco Adler and ModSun. After the tour he collaborated with Adler on his fourth EP, One Way, that released summer 2013.

After years of putting in the ground work, Tayyib Ali signed his first deal in 2014 with Russell Simmons & Steve Rifkind. Whether the Philly rapper, that started honing his rap skills at the tender age of 10, achieves the legendary status like Wu-Tang or hold multiple chart topping spots like Akon is unknown. One thing is for sure, Tayyib is on his way to something big under Rifkind’s guidance. Shortly after signing his first record deal, Russell Simmons officially released his first single “Do It” (High School Dropout) which featured on live television 

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