Jarv Dee "The Red Eye Jedi" #MOORGANG @jarvdee

4/20 is renowned not only for its holiday like appreciation for weed smokers everywhere, but for heralding new music in a celebratory fashion from artists all over. That being said, it wouldn't be right unless the Seattle Weed Culture Ambassador Jarv Dee dropped something too. 

After about a year since his last project, the vast and impenetrable Satellites Swishers and Spaceships, Jarv come through just in time with a 7 track journey through his mind. You can hear Jarv getting personal on this project, with minimal features from Brooklyn's Kris Kasanova and Seattle based new comer Ol' God. 

Definitely providing a lighter, catchier sound on this EP, Jarv spills his thoughts on everyday stresses and not fucking with anybody, and how he utilizes smoking weed to cope with those in a very "sips tea" fashion."
Twitter: @jarvdee
Instagram: @jarvdee

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