Hip Hop Duo Slightly Flagrant Energizes Seattle Music Scene with Debut Album @getflagrant

Hip Hop Duo Slightly Flagrant Energizes Seattle Music Scene with Debut Album 
Slightly Flagrant EP delights fans

Quirky, ground-breaking and unafraid to push boundaries, Seattle rappers Slightly Fragrant are winning over music fans everywhere with their sound. Since bursting on to the music scene in 2014, the duo has sold out venues such as AD­1 studios, The Nectar Lounge, The Vera Project and participating in Jazz Bones and Kube 93’s Summer Jam. They’ve also opened for acts like Tyga, Tech 9, Sir Mix A Lot, Dead Prez, Mobb Deep, Stevie Stone and CES CRU. 

Now, their freshman album,  Kwabe Macntaj and Taane Jr. are Slightly Flagrant EP (ironically named because, at 15 tracks, it is hardly an EP), is set to further set the stage for their dominance in the Pacific North West and beyond. Their innovative video for "All I Know" is a treat to the eyes and ears, featuring computer animation and a club groove. Other standout tracks include "Cookie and Milf" and "Aaron Hernandez."
Slightly Flagrant is comprised of Taane Jr. and Kwabe Macntaj. Hip hop fans were introduced to the duo with their debut emotionally charged single "Wade Moore," an ode to a fallen friend, it was notable in that, while it was somber in nature, the song was an infectious party anthem befitting of the young man's spirit. 
Also fueling their success is a series of music videos on YouTube, one of which recently topped the 200,000 views (YouTube.com/SlightlyFlagrantMusic)​.
The full track listing for Kwabe Macntaj and Taane Jr. are Slightly Flagrant EP  is as follows:

1. Cookie and Milf (Produced by Qreepz)
2. How We Met (Skit)
3. Options (Produced by Qreepz)
4. Sam Jack (Produced by Dee Lyle)
5. All I Know (Produced by Qreepz)

6. No Bueno (Produced by Qreepz)
7. How We Really Met (Skit)
8. Jermaniac (Produced by Qreepz)
9. Bar Of Soap Featuring Nacho Picasso (Produced by Taane Jr)

10. Honey Nuts (Produced by Dee Lyle)
11. Aaron Hernandez (Produced by Qreepz)
12. Rippas in the Bando (Produced by Taane Jr)
13. L.O.B (Produced by Qreepz)
14. Ethan Keigel Gets Slightly Flagrant (Skit)
15. Always Deliver (Produced by Levitate)

With their unique brand of humor, rap skills and sick beats, Slightly Flagrant will continue to breath life into Seattle Hip Hop for many years to come.

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