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“You Bad" Official Music Video

Music By: Tony Luu
Directed By: Arman Zajic 
Executive Producer: Reggie Batts 

Tony started his career doing multiple things in entertainment, but his brand took off as he pursued music. He has done several tours and shows for multiple schools in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley in California. He has a diverse musical and lyrical background which includes rap, hip/hop, and now R&B, which he has found to be his genre. His vocal ability has transformed over the years and he has become one of YouTubes most talented artists. He has had multimillion views on line and has a very diverse fan base. He is also an experienced dancer, piano player, and makes occasional brief appearances in TV movies. His debut album "Never Fold" released Spring of 2015 and has been a major success. 

Tony Luu inquiries- business, events, shows, and media please contact: 
RBS Management by emailing: reggiebatts@rbstalent.com


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