@Ripynt & @carl_roe ft @LandonWordswell "Rock Bars" @BrainOfDymeDef @dymedef

Although Ripynt & Carl Roe may have dropped their debut collaborative LP Martians, just five months ago, the Seattle-based duo is already kicking off ‘16 with a rousing new single, “Rock Bars,” featuring Landon Wordswell.
Wordswell, who hails from Eugene, OR, sets the tone with a ridiculous verse full of rewind-worthy wordplay (“I rap ‘cuz prison ain’t for me, I be schemin’ in jail/ So if orange is the new black, sh*t, I’m Kenan and Kel”) before passing the baton to his hosts. Ripynt & Carl Roe deliver back-to-back verses so on point and full of hilarious braggadocio that you’ll be scrambling to hear what else they’ve dropped (only if you’ve been sleepin’ on them, of course).
From potent put-downs (“This is clearly not the life the universe assigned you”) to mainstream rap beef nods (namely, Drake vs. Meek Mill), the Northwestern duo cover all the bases and then some in sharing what’s one of the more notable tracks so far of 2016. It doesn’t hurt that the guitars and drum heavy instrumental supplied by Brainstorm (of Dyme Def) is the perfect backdrop for all three emcees to show and prove.
Landon Wordswell: 
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