Dr Compressor "Doctor's Orders" (Instrumental Hip Hop/Trip Hop)

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Band/Artist: Dr Compressor / Yvan Gessler
Streaming links (Soundcloud/Bandcamp):
Members/Instruments: Yvan Gessler / computer
Production: Yvan Gessler
Tracklisting: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII

Artist contact: yvan.gessler@gmail.com

Dr. Compressor (Yvan Gessler) is a Swiss musician/producer creating his own brand of abstract, instrumental hip hop. In 2002 he contracted a virus that produced a permanent acouphene (ringing noise) in his left ear. He's found that it improves when music is playing so his ears are focused on something else. Yvan doesn't consider himself a musician, just as someone passionate about music and sound. 

And this is the point; his work is more about sound than regular music, this is music for audiophiles or enthusiasts. He's spent thousands of hours trying to achieve THAT perfect elusive sound; the perfect beat with the perfect bass, perfectly fitting together, to create "that big, warm, vintage, sweet yet powerful, good sound." Gessler also uses a lot of samplers with granular synthesis abilities, as these offer greater possibilities in sound manipulation than regular sampling techniques. This gives a particular color to his sound, as well as the use of emulations of vintage processors like Eqs, compressors, tape saturation, tube amplifiers,etc. So much sound processing you can't imagine. 

"This is why I can say I'm not proud of my music, and I suck as a composer, but I'm proud of my sound. You know this is that Portishead's debut album, Dummy in 94, that made me buy my first sampler. Listen deeply to the sound of this album, never heard something like this at that time, I was really impressed. Actually it's recorded with real instruments playing through vintage gear, and they achieved the pefect warm organic sound. So about 20 yrs later, I think I finally also created that perfect organic sound, but using just a computer, and that's the point of the stuff I do (and distracting my ears by the way...)" says Gessler about his work.


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