Cole James Cash Feat. Crew54 - Hands Up - @colejamescash @Crew54 #blacklivesmatter

Artist: Cole James Cash Ft. Crew54
Title:  Hands Up
Genre: Hip Hop/ Underground Rap
Producer: Cole James Cash
Label: Sound Alive Records

SoundCloud Link:


Hands Up" a riveting and hard hitting track produced by Cole James Cash featuring Austin rappers Crew54 expressing the frustration and anger within the minority community about the endless events of police brutality and the abuse of power by the boys in blue. Rappers G-Christ and Mos narrate with skill and finesse their feelings on the current state of how police are treating our citizens and the actions needed to alleviate the divide between civilian and police officer. This is the single for the upcoming EP by Cole James Cash "A Letter To My Son" a instrumental album dedicated to the son of producer Cole James Cash coming January 7th

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