Crasher- K.!.T.E. (Produced By GodsTouch) @RageTheNormal @eurekamgmt @Gods__Touch

Crasher is the set up for the lyrical and unorthodox method of dismantling the established set on how an artist should conduct themselves. Throwing together insane wordplay coupled with metaphors only someone that has been to the dark side of the moon would fully understand, "Crasher" gives off its own feel. The visual,shot in black and white, is an attack on the mind in its structure and presentation. The visual (with the way certain shots depicting K.!.T.E.'s mouth his verses at faster speed than normal) implies some sort of descent into madness and reemerging with a new-found understanding of purpose, to be great.

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Twitter: @RageTheNormal/@eurekamgmt

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