@TheDaredevyL Blackjack 4: Hotlanta Live (EP) #Blackjack4HotlantaLive #DaredevyL

This is the 5th edition of The DaredevyL's "Blackjack EP" series, which is a collection of 7-song projects with 21 minutes of material all of which are set to simultaneously release on the 21st day of every month. In this edition of Blackjack, DevyL shines light and pays homage to the Atlanta music of the 1990s era of Hip-Hop while putting a 2014 DaredevyL twist on the music. Even if you don't want to pay attention, if this sounds travels near you, your ears will fall in love with this one! Check it out NOW!!! #Blackjack4HotlantaLive #DaredevyL

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