"Water & Metal" Darko The Super (Feat. Dudley Perkins)

Darko & Dudley Perkins team up for the latest single from The Super's upcoming album "Oh, No! It's Darko" which is set to feature Pyramid Vritra and Homeboy Sandman of Stones Throw as well. "Oh, No! It's Darko" is entirely produced by Darko himself under his producer alias Doc Heller, and is set to be released by Already Dead Tapes this coming fall on cassette. Until then keep up with Darko's Soundcloud for more releases from the album. 

"Water and Metal are the key elements of Time Travel.

Water is the barrier element for the construction of Time Portals used as gateways between Universes as the Tangent Vortex.

Metal is the transitional element for the construction of Artifact Vessels."
Pennsylvania-based human hip-hop experiment Evan Souza aka DarkoTheSuper or Doc Heller, invites you to follow him on a bold and warped quest through aural space with his abstract music. Having collaborated with the likes of Murdoc, Open Mike Eagle, Lil B The BasedGod and many others, this gifted lyricist is surely prepared to cause your mind to explode like Robot Santa being told a contradiction.
His self released debut rap album “I’ve Been In My Mind Too Long” and the follow up mix tape with label Curious Absurdities, “Thank You Jim Cunningham,” have received many great reviews. With his music being referred to as "crazy, awesome, controlled madness." Darko has reached over 100,000 plays on SoundCloud, the platform in which he chooses to share his latest releases and meet new collaborators around the globe. At just 20 years old, the prolific emcee and producer has been associated and signed to an array of labels, including London-based Lunatick Records. Darko has developed his passion for rap since writing songs as a sophomore in high school, being inspired by the likes of MF DOOM, Beck, Eyedea, and Nirvana. His alias comes from the science fictional film Donnie Darko, and just like the movie this weirdo rapper hopes to have a cult like following someday soon.
As a producer, going by the name of Doc Heller, he has molded his own sound using similar formulas as the great's J Dilla and Madlib. Taking the title of a mad scientist from his favorite childhood movie "Mystery Men," Doc has crafted beats for MC’s such as Murdoc, Lil B, Cult Fortified, Pepperboy, Tedy Brewski and many others. Both DarkoTheSuper and Doc Heller's work have been featured in publications like; Potholes In My Blog, Sampleface, Hip Hop Speakeasy, Allied Forces Press, and many others.
Sure to leave your spine-tingling, Darko and Doc are here to promote a change in society, positivity, love for all, and a break from the norm. He is set to leave his mark on the world as a disciple of the Bill Hicks' philosophy, "Play from your fucking heart!"
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