THE CONTRACT 'Joga' @SChubbz & @DolapoA_DAP

Shane Chubbz (one half of The Contract) is a UK rapper that has already been covered on MASS APPEALEARMILK and MOSTLYJUNKFOOD with the release of  “Holiday/Where I’m From” last year - shot and directed by Dre Films and Jon J of MMG.

Since the release of his acclaimed 'Chubbziano' EP early this year (premiered by RWD Magazine) he's been in the studio with UK beatmaker and rapper DAP to form his new alt. hip hop project The Contract

Writing and performing everything on here, this is a major new UK force coming through with production stylings courtesy of the Englishman [living] in New York, DAP. With a carnivalesque instrumental reminiscent of TY's 'Wait A Minute' and Chubbz's unique flow, it's a notable and accomplished debut. 

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