(Spit x J.Hart x Rodd.D x just - GHOST) @TheRealRoddD @Spit31 @Dream2Reach @Keithejust

Hailing from North Carolina, four artist came together to create the masterpiece known now as "GHOST". With a smooth production and great lyrics, "GHOST" is compiled of all the great components of a song. With debut appearances from Spit and J.Hart, they opened the song up NC artist Rodd.D who is just coming off his recent release 'Hangar31" and it's finished off by his partner in crime, just(formly known as justKeith). This isn't a track that we would call "radio-worthy" but you can't deny the great quality within this record. From the transitions of each verse to the beautiful jazzy feel, this track exemplifies what real hip-hop is all about.

About PushTheArts: We here at PushTheArts pride ourselves on pushing music that resides from the Underground realms and this track is what some hip-hop head would call 'real hip-hop" but we just call it art. I had a vision one day and I(Rodd.D) realized I wanted to start my very own blog to give other artist like myself, an even bigger chance at exposure. It's a very down to earth song and we hope you guys dig the track. Peace and so much love to you guys!

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