Mike B. “Twenty04”

Previous Project: Dear Michael, You're Welcome (12/2012)

Videos on YouTube:
1. Mike B. - Light Up (44,180 Views)
Charted at #1 Video)
7. Mike B. - Q&A (2,170 views)

Short Bio:
Mike B. hails from Los Angeles, CA where he has been receiving praise for writing undeniably catchy songs and commanding respect for his refined lyrical ability. Since dropping his album, Dear Michael, You're Welcome in 2012, Mike has received a ton of recognition including achieving #1 on Snoop Dogg's Underground Heat and #2 on Power 106 Who's Next. His music has spread outside the confines of LA via the internet and by performing at various shows around the country. Mike ‘s newest project is “Twenty04”, where he shows that he has only just begun making incredible music. With 2 new albums already in the works, Mike B. shows promise of being a heavy contender in the new up and comers of 2014 and 2015.

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