Longshot 'Don't Cry'(remix) prod Kenny Keys *radio edited

The Longshot: Leak Series returns for week 12 with 'Don't Cry'(remix). The Original version of the song appears on Shot's most recent album, the Tupac Shakur inspired 'Nothing's Gold'. 'Don't Cry' is tale about a little girl who struggles with growing up after her mother passes away when she was only 9 years old, and how those struggles contribute to her life as an adult. With Chicago's Kenny Keys(of Eulorythmics) handling the production, this is a remix you're going to want to rewind

Longshot Biography
One of the hardest working and most underrated emcees in the business, MC Longshot is a well seasoned and professional hip hop artist from Chicago, Illinois. Aside from his undeniable talent and high quality music, Longshot propels his own life experience through his lyrics to inspire and motivate others.
Born on Chicago's south side, the oldest of six, Longshot moved around the city and country with his family before they were split apart by DCFS when he was only eight years old. After a couple of foster homes, Longshot was accepted into the Boys Hope Scholarship Program at 12 and lived there until he graduated high school at age 18. After high school, Longshot got accepted into Drake University, where his love for freestyling was first show-cased. After two years of attending Drake, Longshot realized that his true calling was music, and he moved the east coast to further develop his passion.
While out east, Longshot honed his skills as an emcee on the open mic and battle circuit before returning to Chicago in the fall of 2001. With the assistance of DJ Anomaly, Longshot released his first single "Happiness is Hard to Find" in February of 2002. A year later, EV Records released Shot's first full length album, "Open Mouth's Fed." That album introduced Longshot to the world as a thought provoking, soulful word smith, and also helped him get a spot on URB Magazine's 2003 "Next 100 List." In 2004 Longshot partnered with longtime Chi-Town producers, the Molemen, to create "Sacrifice," Shot's second full length album. For his third album, Shot decided to try and unite Chicago's seemingly divided hip hop community by utilizing some of the city's best rappers, producers, and Djs for a project he called "Civil War pt.2" Thirty tracks, 28 co-produced and rapped on by Longshot, of raw Chicago hip hop, were documented and edited for an accompanying DVD by legendary Chicago filmmaker Konee Rok. Longshot's fourth album, "Issues," was released in March 2007 and was produced entirely by then label mate, Copperpot. In October of 2008, after three years of touring as Psalm One and Diverse's Hypeman, Longshot and EV records released his 5th album, "Addicted."
A month later, Longshot recorded a song, "Hip hop is..," and entered it in the Jake One/ RSE song writing contest. After over 1,000 entries and over 7,000 voters, Longshot was chosen by the fans as the winner, and will have his next single produced by Jake One and Distributed by Rhymesayers Entertainment. A seasoned performer, Longshot can be backed by a live band or a DJ, and makes himself a hard act to follow. His passion, energy, and love for music, along with his "you can be what you work for message," are felt in every song.
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