Jazz Spastiks - 'The Product' LP - Now on 12" Vinyl !

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"The Product is the latest album by UK based production duo Jazz Spastiks. Intitally only released via Digital Download and CD format, we're very happy to announce that we have teamed up with them to bring you the full 16-track album, on Vinyl."


Side A:
1. The Product Intro
2. Power Of The Tounge (feat. Sach)
3. Drop
4. Dumb! (feat. Yesh)
5. Hits
6. Move (feat. Apani B Fly)
7. Tapedeck
8. Delicious (feat. Count Bass D)

Side B:
1. Flying
2. Select The Dialect
3. The Product
4. Frequency (feat. Moka Only)
5. Jazz Party
6. Woofers And Tweeters
7. Rhyming And Freestyling
8. Parley to Parlet (feat. Ladybug Mecca) 

12" Vinyl with 3mm spine and full colour sleeve. Limited to 500 copies only (350 copies pressed on black Vinyl, 150 pressed on white Vinyl). 

                                                                                 SHIPPING: On or around September 23rd, 2014


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