Dion Jetson - Chasing Greatness @DionJetson

Being great is something we all want to be.  We all want to be great at something we love and Dion Jetson aspires to be a great artist.  Not only does he want to be a great artist he is chasing that goal, daily.  He displays that in his latest release, Chasing Greatness.  The song was inspired by so many things including quotes about greatness from Will Smith, about the obstacles that get in your way when you are trying to be great, all the way to people who claim they re great at something before they are.  Chasing Greatness has been a fan favorite at Dion's shows and now for the live version many elements have been added including live violins and more.  Even the Chasing Greatness artwork features some of the greats that Dion is chasing: Ice Cube, Dr. Dre and some of the gods of rap who have passed but live on through the greatness of their music.  Chasing Greatness is a powerful part of Jetson's upcoming  album, The Ear & The Heart releasing in September 2014.  

Any inquiries for Dion Jetson can be sent to: DionJetsonMusic@gmail.com
Twitter: @DionJetson

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