Death Chamberz Music Interview Of: @ChrisXStreets

Death   Chamberz Music Interview Of ChrisX$treets
1.       How did you get your name?
I got my name from "chris" which is my first name "x" from studying muslim culture and the "$treets" is what i represent 

2.    What inspired you to become artists? 
 The thing that inspired me to become an artist was my surroundings. Aint no outlets here. 
3.       When and how  did you start? And have you created any records yet? or mixtape?
I started 3 years ago now i have multiple projects in the works …lol

4.       What’s your favorite thing to do when you aren’t writing/producing/playing etc?
When im not writing, producing or playing, im listening…

5.       Who are your musical inspirations?
My musical influences stem from nas and lil wayne  

6.       What kind of music do you listen to today?
Today i listen to everything, as bad as it may seem 

7.       What surprises would we find in your music collection?
You'd be surprised to hear me listen to sticky fingaz, Odb, nas' lost tapes. All the b-side stuff 

8.       Todays music is about collaborations what "hot" rapper out now, you would love to work with on a project?
8. I'd like to work with Jhene Aiko, i dont like rappers on my songs.  

9.       What do you think your listeners will get out of your music?
From my music you'll get a perspective other than your own, as a human its hard to step outside of yourself sometimes 

10.   What do you hope to do with your music?
I hope my music can provide. What it provides its solely up to you. 

11.   Where do you see the generation heading?
Where do i see the generation heading ? …only time will tell. But it seems like we're running out if that huh ?…lol 

12.   Is there any advice you'd like to give to young aspiring artist ?
Advice to upcoming artist ? Invest your time wisely, never stop. 

13.   What projects should we be on the lookout for in the near future?
Upcoming projects? My BlacMagic EP is coming out soon. As well as NodenimLife's project. Oh and StarrDaBoiy's project .

14.   Any shout outs?
 Special shout out to the ivyLeague and deathchamberz music ! 

Twitter handle : @ChrisXStreets

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