​Carey Fountain & Kudoz- "Politics is Bullshit" (Prod. Yannic) @dorememovement

In the midst of everything going on in the world right now and the disparities between people concerning all the recent hardships we are facing as a country, regardless of your views I think we can all agree that "Politics is Bullshit."  To get your week started off right Carey Fountain & Kudoz teamed up on this Yannic produced beat to bring you another classic.  Check out the DoReMe collective on "Politics is Bullshit."

 DoReMe is a collective of creative outcasts from around the world that all happened to meet in the unlikely city of Tuscaloosa, Alabama.  Over the course of their experimental collaboration, the team grew very close becoming much more like family.  With members from Wetumpka, Alabama; Israel; Woodbridge, Virginia; Germany and Florida; this group of multi-talented Rappers/Producers/Singer-songwriters all come together to create music that aims to provoke emotion and inspire one to explore their own beliefs and attain a clear vision of what one truthfully desires.  DoReMe does not believe in boundaries in music and refuse to conform to any standards placed upon the music they choose to create, staying true to their team mantra "Fuck Them, Do You."  By helping aid people in realizing the beauty and power each person has within themselves, DoReMe believes they can help to inspire people to be better than the person they were yesterday through eliminating the illusion of freedom our society jades us with.  As the team begins to emerge in the hip-hop game, they aim to stay true to themselves placing more importance on the reasoning behind why they create music instead of getting consumed by the material aspects of the industry so many artists fall victim too.

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