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 Heating things up - Ay-Rock is gearing p for his release of his debut project RTG (Ready To Go) Ay-Rock offers an exclusive track and hints a video coming shortly after

Upcoming Project
Album - RTG (Ready To Go)

Released Videos
Ay-Rock RTG Promo Video

I Don't Know (Promo Video) 

They Don't Love You No More (Promo Video)

Ay-Rock Interview with WPGC 95.5 Mr.Peter Parker

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Ay-Rock's Bio
Born October 17, 1989 in Austin Texas, he seemed born for music. Ay-Rock is a talented artist, producer, and engineer, and hasn’t even reached his peak. He was introduced to music at a young age and began developing his own style. At the age of 9 he began writing as a form of escaping the troubles of reality, expressing his passion and sharing his thoughts with the world. They quickly transformed to the creation of lyrics. He felt that writing let him get out all his emotions and deal with the obstacles he had to face. As the years passed, Ay-Rock moved around a lot, from different states, to different countries. This allowed him to experience a wide variety of styles of music. He began molding his talent into its own form of perfection, where he discovered his uniquely captivating flow that can only be classified as versatile.

Ay-Rock spent years working on his craft to become a producer as well as an artist, creating many tracks in genres that range from rap, r&b, pop, and rock. Everyone who hears his work always has the same remark; “This is Ready To Go”. Looking to take the route of getting into major recording studios, he realized he just couldn't afford the price that many studios were demanding. Instead of giving up, it actually motivated him to learn engineer his music himself from mixing and mastering his own music. At 15 he created his own studio and was able to run a recording studio to further work on his craft, as well as create a skill of audio engineering. This led to Ay-Rock combining his love of production with the love of writing. Developing his own style, Ay-Rock began recording himself and create numerous songs that helped shape and develop his seemingly effortless flow and clever wordplay. 

As the years passed, Ay-Rock dug deeper into the engineering side of the music industry. in 2009 he attend The Art Institute of Washington for his Bachelor’s degree in Audio Production, he began studying the art of audio engineering. In his own words,” I know how I want music to sound and I wanted to learn how to perfect my music so I wouldn’t have to pay someone else to do it.” With his collective skills, & degree, he landed jobs as an engineer in various studios in the DMV area working with artist such as; Wale, B.O.B, Maino, Raheem Devaughn, Logic, Shy Glizzy, & many more.

Currently Ay-Rock resides in Maryland and is signed to Technology Records as well as the lead engineer of Technology Records recording studio The Den. He is also hard at work on his new project RTG (Ready To Go), which is also the name he deemed for his brand.  - "Many say they were "born to do this", but only few are capable to achieve greatness." - Ay-Rock

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