- Zona Man - "Zona Man

Zona Man, Freebandz newest member  drops his official video  “Zona Man”, Produced by  808 Mafia’s Southside and Directed by BLINDFOLKS VISION off  his new mixtape No Advance is coming soon. 

Zona Man. Elevating from the city of Chicago, born, raised & bred. Taking first steps of existence in the Robert Taylor public housing projects. Later relocating, taking a deeper walk in life on the East side of Chicago- where he currently resides. Manipulating many paths & driving several lanes in life- Zona found himself in a web of unpleasant encounters. Including situationships with the law. Not because he was a "menace to society", contrary to Americas version of stereotyping a young brother. Nonetheless, The streets were cold & had Zona in a zone of no return. Being shot by law enforcement & charged with an authoritative version of events- involving firearms & assault (which was further dropped due lack of evidence), Zona utilized these accusations & time away as state property to recalculate how he'd maneuver his walk with life. Despite his lack of education- he still found ways to illuminate his mind & optimistically self motivate. Keeping the negative energy of the streets to the left. Destined to take that right, in the fork, the road of life offers. Thus striking the need to conform to a more favorable life- especially to protect the longevity of the livelihood for his children & family. He's always had a passion for music & poetics. Submerging the two- he tapped into his God given talent & musically began to destroy life's demons. Taking his run in life to the next level. Focusing & channeling all energy into his music. Writing to mock his wrongs, make an example out if it in song, ultimately putting his city- Chicago on his back. Making it apart of his load to carry, divide, & conquer.

Zona man- a man of his word. A man of progression. A man of drive & self dedication. A man full of effervescence. Uninhibitedly placing people in "Zones" of Lyrical numbness. Live by the sun, die by the moon- Time zones. Zona man.



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