Trademark Aaron "GOLD" @TrademarkAaron

Fresh off of the success of Trademark Aaron's unbelievably superb single
"Faith", the momentum continues into *Gold*, a track featuring *Aaron Roy*
on the drums - a collaboration that has been a part of Trademark Aaron's
live set. If there's an anthem that encompasses the mentality behind this
album, this is it. Simply stated in the hook,* "This shit is motherfucking

*Personally exerting til I'm certain it's perfect*
*The perspiration dispersing just certifies that I'm working*
*And really why would I stop now?*
*Time is of the essence, give everything that I got now*
*I mean why not now? I'm trying to make these memories*
*I can't make em believe but damn sure I'll make them remember me*

Executive Produced by Snow Rowe

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