Can I Do ME Ft. T.Roux @TNate_DG

T.Nate is a New Orleans native that grew up with music on his mind. T.Nate had started venturing his unique talents at the age of 11 rapping over a old little Lil Bow Wow beat called "Basketball" in 2002. Currently an Ex-Baylor University student athlete, he was a member of the 2013 Big XII Championship football team. Football may have been his strong suit, but his passion for music had never let up. The style of music that T.Nate provides is lyrical and his unique creole swag give his version of hip-hop a eclectic sound. He put forth his passion for music and started recording in 2011 and released his first mixtape "Da InspiratioN"  in 2012.

After the first mix-tape, T.Nate did not slow down. He has performed at The House of Blues in Dallas, Texas, Dia De Loso Festival in Waco, Texas and most recently SXSW in Austin, Texas. He had already started setting up for the release of his second project "INSPIRATION II: RELOADED", which will be released September 2014. This mix-tape represents his growth as a music artist and  his appreciation to the people that had supported him throughout the years during his music hustle.

T.Nate is not an artist to over look. His hustle and passion for his music and refusal to slow downand live his dream is what makes him a excelling hip-hop artist. His eclectic creole style with storytelling lyrics makes T.Nate more than a hip-hop hustler, rather a hip-hop author. T.Nate is definitely someone people need to look out for.


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