JUST CHRIS - HØT but CØLD [Prod. By Edison]

Basically this song is about a girl who is fucking hot but then cold hearted so it's like wow you're hot but cold (hence the title, ha) but yeah that's it in a nutshell. You might have time to listen to the song or u might not idk but all I can say is I'm forever grateful for every listen and if you feel like posting it up I'd be fucking happy (Link is up there btw lol)
Written By Just Chris & Lotus Mac // Produced By Edison
Just Chris :
she a model type but a hood chick
she wants a nigga with some money and some good dick
girl that describes me though i'm like 5 feet
my d will make up for the height most likely 
pricey coz everything I buy's expensive
but whats money when there's no one to spend with
u say u hate me but u rate me so deep down girl I know u never meant it
remember them nonstop flights or them long hot nights now you're feeling like u kinda called wrong shot right
I approach u like a gentleman do the ting properly
I don't know why this bird keeps mocking me
maybe coz she thinks she's out of my league
but I aint the type nigga to bow at your feet
though i'll make u a queen tiara or crown
put my fingers in your knickers while your fathers around
girl I don't care nah i don't care
coz my girl's the only thing that I won't share
type of money to tell u to pick a city in the world no matter the cost we'll find a home there
but u telling me how u got ur own house I call u baby but u feed ur own mouth
this dog is begging u for a bone now aren't u tired of being alone now
we could be donnies for life you know donnies for life ride till we die girl we could be bonnie & clyde 
coz you're my weakness u got me hypnotized
who knew superman couldn't live without his kryptonite
be at the crib tonight i'll be cooking for you 
u skipped and took a trip but didn't book it for two
my dargs tell me that there's more fish in the sea but fuck em all babe coz this hook is for u

Lotus Mac :
You may be out of my league
but I aint playing no more 
so walk up straight through my door
and leave ya, cold shoulder
leave ya cold shoulder 
coz you've got me hypnotized
and you're like my kryptonite 
you got the, cold shoulder
you got the, cold shoulder

Just Chris :
I was your chris brown, you were robin fenty
now I'm never picking up when you're calling and I'm deleting every message that you sent me
coz we were hot but cold good but bad and I just couldn't come up with a hook for that
said we were hot but cold good but bad and I just couldn't come up with a hook for that

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