Frida Precariat releases "B SIDES

Frida Precariat releases "B SIDES
B SIDES cover art
Frida Precariat (Northampton, MA) just released the "B SIDES" to "planned obsolescence" in anticipation of a forthcoming EP to be released early this fall:


Frida Precariat got her start underground - in a Hampshire College dorm room during January 2010. She crooned depressive lyrics over shoegaze beats as half of electronic duo Public Safety, alongside Expensive Looks' Alec Feld. Their first and only EP "United Hate" was released as a limited-edition cassette by Further Records.

She released her debut solo EP, "Still, like Dust" in August 2013, ringing with lyrics of love, loss and the freedom of her punk, Western-Massachusetts lifestyle. Her influences span from hip-hop to noise rock, postmodern dance to digital art. 

Through channeling her well-rounded understanding of the art world into trippy pop music, Frida Precariat makes her unique sound into something unforgettable.

Aside from music, Frida is a lifelong dancer and a true artist. She views everything she creates as performance, and shares with her audience her gospel,
which she describes as:

a willingness to dream that
is glitched in technicolor, and
flows like water.


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